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Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce -
Tyler County,  Texas

Please accept a hearty welcome from the Tyler County Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. And consider this your personal invitation to visit our county. Our countryside is a thing of beauty. We have rolling hills, huge lakes, canyons and lots of forest. Our location in the big thicket makes us an especially beautiful place to be. From bait shops to boutiques we have something for everyone. Whether you come for outdoor attractions like fishing, hunting, boating or hiking or indoor events like antiquing, shopping, or socializing we can fill the bill.

For a rural area we have a wide range of interest and programs all geared for your entertainment and enjoyment Check our calendar of events and see what time of year you would like to visit or maybe, you think a more long term arrangement may be in order. We are growing as a retirement destination and that is exactly what we want to be. Our businesses are run with southern hospitality just the way our Mothers & Fathers raised us to do. So, if this sounds like a place you would enjoy then “ Ya’ll come on down, ya hear!"

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